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Bont Cado Motus EdgeTek Louis Garneau Luigino K2 RollerBlade
S&D Powerslide Maple Seba Skate Mogema Raps Salomon
RamSkate Pinnacle Mariani Marchese Zandstra Viking Riedell


Apogee Bont Craft CW-X Sebra/Maple Hunter Raps
Skins Louis Garneau Karhu EzeeFit PYROapparel


STOCK SIZES, FOOT TRACING, & MEASURING: All manufacturer's Sizing charts vary. Always trace or measure barefoot. We request both a Foot Tracing and a Linear Measurement. We make every effort to properly fit you into skate boots based upon a performance fit(see below). Speed skates are considered performance equipment and should feel/fit very snugly, but not pinching.

Foot Tracing: allows us to access foot volume, length, and width. Do this with a piece of paper and pen/pencil. Stand diagonally across the paper and trace around the foot carefully, keeping the pencil/pen upright and not cutting under or going out past the actual footprint. It is best to have someone other than yourself trace your feet. Include a scale on the Foot tracing in mm or inches, in both directions.

Linear Measure: do both feet, as typically one foot may run slightly longer/shorter then the other. Stand barefoot with booth heels against a wall. Using the wall as a reference point for Zero (where the heel touches), measure out to the longest toe of each foot. Use the longer of the 2 measurements to determine sizing. If there is over 5 - 8mm of difference we can suggest doing 2 different boot sizes, or going with a 1/2 size on one boot only. Some manufactures allow this, others do not. Please check with us on purchasing different boot sizes. Provide measure in mm or cm, or to the nearest 1/16" in inches. Be certain when measuring the edge of the scale/ ruler starts exactly at "0"(zero), and there is not a gap at the end of the scale/ruler. (this could cause error in sizing). Also, let us know if you wear socks while skating, or skate barefoot (preferred for better contact in the boots), typically we will compensate the sizing, if necessary, for socks.

FITTING BOOTS & SIZE RANGES: When on the end of the range of sizes and desiring a snug fit: if you measure at the high end of the range keep within that size range, if you measure at the low end of the range drop down one half / one size. If you desire a more comfortable, roomy fit, size up one half or one size only, depending upon boot manufacturer's sizing. Use caution when sizing up, as a roomy boot could lead to numerous problems. Too much room in a boot affords the foot too much movement, this movement causes friction between the foot and inner boot, which could result in blistering, from boots that are not fitting properly. There is far less control over the boot if it is fitting too big, and movement of feet within the boot results in loss of translation of power. Your toes should always be snug, but able to wiggle a slight bit, with less than 3mm between the large toe and the toe end of boot. Ideally, toes should just touch the end of the boot, but not curl or pinch. Also, take into consideration using socks versus going barefoot. The type / thickness of sock makes a difference as well. We recommend to use only a thin micro-fiber fabric cycling type sock if socks are necessary, or try an EzeeFit ankle cover when skating barefoot. Barefoot skating has the best advantages in that it keeps your foot literally stuck to the inside of the boot, with no movement, allowing every move you make to translate directly to the skate. Again, "fit" is key, as barefoot skating with an ill fitting boot will also cause problems. If you have any questions on boot sizing or fitting, please contact 'the SkateNow shop'.

ROOM for GROWTH: (RFG) Measure children's feet as you would for adults, following instructions above. Parents are the best judge in determining growth rates (be it one - two sizes per season). Typically, size up one size only for growing feet. Boots that are too big can be problematic as described above.


CUSTOM BOOTS: All Custom Boot Orders require foot molding be done through 'the SkateNow shop'. For quality assurance we do not accept others molding or self-moldings at this time. Our molding process is a precision full-foot embedment casting with built-in orthodic, not sock type casting, which takes into consideration bio-mechanics of the foot and ankle, as well as the skaters individual ergonomics. We cannot be responsible for accuracy of the boot fit if the mold is provided by elsewhere, unless approved arrangements are made in advance. We can mold for other companies, beyond those products we currently represent, but please check in advance if they will accept our molds. Some boot manufactures prefer to use their own molding processes, which may differ from our process. We cannot guarantee the results of boots made from manufactures that we do not represent. Shipping of Molds is not included in molding fee, and varies. Custom Molding fees are non-refundable. 'the SkateNow shop' works directly with each boot manufacture we represent on your behalf to ensure that your boot is made to your specifications. If there are any unforeseen problems with your boot, we will work with you and the manufacture to correct those problems to your satisfaction and/or, if deemed necessary, rebuild the boot to your original specifications. custom boots are non-refundable and full payment is required up front. Please allow 8-12 weeks for custom boots. Please contact 'the SkateNow shop' for more detailed information on custom boot polices and arranging your custom molding session.

Custom Molding fees are $75.00: includes materials and labor. SkateNow does travel within the US and occasionally schedules trips abroad, so please check with us to see if we will be in your area soon. If you are coming to a meet in the Salt Lake area, please arrange ahead of time your molding session. Molding process takes approximately 1-1/2 hours time. We work directly with you and the boot maker to ensure you get the best custom mold and boot available for your sport. See 'Order Form' for more information on molding.

*Manufactures Size Charts are supplied by manufactures, and are not 100% accurate or consistent. Sizes may vary within manufactures given sizes for boot by a whole size or more. If you have question or cannot figure out your boot size please contact SkateNow for assistance in sizing your skates.


A word on measuring devices before starting: Be sure in using any measuring device, be it: stick, tape, or ruler you measure from "0".  If the "0" is inset from the devices edge, you will need to add that gap of distance into your total mm length and width measures.



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