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SKATENOW technicians take special care to give you the very best possible service for your equipment. SkateNow offers full service for: Skate set-up, Boot Heat Molding and Fitting, Ice Blade Radius/Rockering, Blade Bending, and Blade Sharpening, Inline Wheel Rotation and Bearing Cleaning, and Misc. Repair Services for items outside of manufactures warranty. Ice blade Rockering/Blade Radiusing is requried on most blades in order to skate on them. Ice blades normally do not come with a true/consitent rocker/radius from the manufactures factory. Please contact our SkateNow sales rep for more information on ice blades services.

Skate Set-Up: Free with skate purchase, in store only.

Heat Molding & Fitting: Free with skate purchase, in store only.

Ice Blade Rockering/Radius: $25.00 standard radius, $45 compound radius.

Ice Blade Bending: $20.00 ($10.00 combined with other blade services)

Ice Blade Sharpening: $20.00 with Polishing $40.00

Bearing Cleaning (cleaning only: $15). Both services: $25.00 and Wheel Rotation (rotation only: $10)

Misc Repairs: Free quote given per item repair at time of service.

Stock Boot adjustments: Some stock boots may have additional charges for 1/2 sizes, widths, special bolt spacing or slot direction, other special criteria, etc. please contact 'the skate shop' for further information on applicable charges.

CUSTOM BOOT MOLDING: SkateNow currently custom molds foot casts for RBC, RAPs, BONT, Maple, Edgetek, APEX Racing, and PASS skate. All Custom Boot Orders require foot molding be done through 'the SkateNow shop'. For quality assurance we do not accept others molding or self-moldings at this time. Our process is a full foot casting with built-in orthodic, not sock type casting, with consideration and preparation given to the individual skaters foot dynamics and bio-mechanics. The molding process is done based upon the specific type of skating: Inline, Ice ST or Ice LT. SkateNow does not accept mail in sock type castings for custom boot orders due to numerous errors that can be made by persons molding other than SkateNow representatives. We want your feet to be happy and your boots to fit you right. Additional charges may apply for special order Custom Boots. We can mold for other companies beyond those products we currently represent, but please check in advance if they will accept our molds. Some boot manufactures prefer to use their own molding processes, which may differ from our process. We cannot guarantee the results of boots made from manufactures that we do not represent. Shipping of Molds is not included in molding fee, and varies. Custom Molding fees are non-refundable. 'the SkateNow shop' works directly with each boot manufacture we represent on your behalf to ensure that your boot is made to your specifications. If there are any unforeseen problems with your boot, we will work with you and the manufacture to correct those problems to your satisfaction and/or, if deemed necessary, rebuild the boot to your original specifications. custom boots are non-refundable and full payment is required up front. Please allow 8-12 weeks for custom boots. Please contact 'the SkateNow shop' for more detailed information on custom boot polices and arranging your custom molding session.



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